1) Are your items really Amish made?
Yes, all of our items are handcrafted in Pennsylvania by real Amish craftsman.

2) Do you have a showroom where I can see your items?
Unfortunately, not.  All of our items are available on leading online retailers including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and ThePorchSwingCompany.com.

3) Can I pick up an item if I live nearby?
Unfortunately, not.  All of our items ship via FedEx Ground service.

4) What are your items constructed of?
All of our items are constructed out of Grade A pressure treated pine.

5) Do I have to wait after I receive the item to paint or stain it?
No all of our items are kiln-dried after treatment so they can be painted or stained immediately after being received.

6) If we ordered the item stained, what finish do you use?
All of our stained items are finished in a product called Natural-Kote.  You can learn more about the finish here.

7) Do I need to add a clear coat or polyurethane finish on top of the Natural-Kote?
Our Natural-Kote stain finish rejuvenates, preserves & protects. Although our items don't require an additional clearcoat/polyurethane top coat finish, you may add them to extend the life of the stain finish and add another level of protection.


8) What is the standard hardware used on all of your items?
Our standard hardware is yellow-zinc which is rust resistant. If you are in a salt-water environment we do offer a stainless steel upgrade option on some of our online retailers sites.

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